Thursday, 27 February 2014

Chinatown ( Yaowarat ),kanal - kanal Bangkok,Asiatique The Riverfront

Chinatown ( Yaowarat )

Most large cities in the world must have the Chinatown neighborhood , is no exception to Bangkok . This region is also popularly known as Yaowarat , because it is Yaowarat road passed by . Activity in this area is never quiet . Various spices stores , drug stores , convenience stores market to gold . There are so many interesting things you can find around Chinatown Bangkok . It is suitable for you who like photography to hunting .
You can down Charoenkrung Road and enjoy the hustle and bustle in the region , an experience in itself . There Sampeng Lane and Pahurat , where along the way there are outlets textile sellers , which is open from 9 am to 6 pm . A variety of restaurants are also located along the road . Cooking aromas invite for our taste . In this area there is also a famous temple because in it there is a 5 -meter high statue of Buddha made ​​of pure gold weighing 5.5 tons , ie Wat Traimit .

kanal - kanal Bangkok

Since the number of lane small rivers around Bangkok which empties into the Chao Phraya , the Bangkok which means City of Angels , also nicknamed as the " Venice of the East " , aka the Venice East / Asia . Well , the canals are in Thai called " Klong " , is also interesting to explore . While many channels are now stockpiled to be used as street , but there are many that serve to transport and trade . There are several attractions used as a channel to the floating market .
Klong become a tourist destination for the tourists . There is also a museum that you can easily go to hire a longtail boat , the Museum of Royal Barges , which stores a collection of wooden boats beautiful kingdom .

Asiatique The Riverfront

The roads to Asiatique certainly less exciting guns . Places to shop and hang out are popular among the people of Bangkok and tourists . Because the concept is a shopping , dining and recreation that utilize the old warehouses of the era of the early 1900s , so this place is just starting its activities at 5 pm , so visitors are comfortable and not too hot .
Asiatique is home to hundreds of stores , boutiques , restaurants and cafes . It's right on the edge of the Chao Phraya River , where there are vast courtyard for you to enjoy the view of the river that divides Bangkok , while taking pictures . Oh yes , there is the Bangkok Eye too you know! Giant ferris wheel , where you can see a view of the lights of the water the city of Bangkok from a height , enough to pay for a ticket for 250 baht per person .


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