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Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi ( in Vietnamese : Hà Nội ; Chu Nom :河内) , an estimated population of 3,500,800 inhabitants ( 1997) , is the capital of Vietnam and was once the capital of North Vietnam from 1954 to 1976. It is located on the right bank of the Red River . Industry Vietnam is produced machine tools , plywood , textiles , chemicals and hand knitted .

Hanoi Vietnam
Hanoi became the capital of Vietnam in the 7th century . Its name is derived from the Chinese, Kinh Djong , became Tonkin and Europeans used to the whole territory of Vietnam. Hanoi colonized by the French in 1873 and handed over to him ten years later . He became the capital of French Indochina after 1887.

Hanoi colonized by Japan in 1940 , and was released in 1945 , when he became the administrative center of Vietnam . From 1946 to 1954 , Hanoi became the location of fierce resistance between the French and Vietnamese soldiers . Since then , Hanoi became the capital of North Vietnam .

During the Vietnam War Hanoi transport disrupted by the bombing of bridges and railways , but it can quickly be fixed . After the war, Hanoi became the capital of the entire territory of Vietnam when North and
South Vietnam unite on July second, 1976 .

Hanoi has a humid subtropical climate features ( Köppen CWA ) with a lot of precipitation . The city experienced the typical climate for the northern region of Vietnam , where season a very hot and humid , and when his winter , by national standards , relatively cool and dry . Summer , lasts from May to September , hot and humid , with annual rainfall Template : Conver . Winter is rapid , relatively dry , with spring get little rainfall .

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