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Manila Philippines

Manila Philippines
Manila ( Maynila in Filipino language ) is the capital of the Philippines . It is located on the eastern edge of Manila Bay in the Philippines largest island and north , Luzon . Although there are several places of poverty , this city is one of the cosmopolitan cities of the world and its metropolitan area is the center of economy , culture , education and industry of this country . Manila is often called the Pearl of the Orient .

Manila is the metropolitan area with a population of over 10 million people . This metropolis called Metro Manila , but Manila is often simply referred to by foreigners , and in addition there population , consisting of 17 cities and municipalities . The city is the second most popular city in the Philippines after Quezon City , the former capital of the Philippines .

Manila and the surrounding areas serve as a single entity to simplify the Metro Manila area growth is super fast . Today, the city and the metropolis victorious as cultural and economic center . But the city also has the problem of over- population , congestion , pollution .

In the Köppen climate classification system , Manila features a tropical climate is humid and dry climate that borders on a tropical monsoon . As with other areas in the Philippines , Manila entirely in the tropics . Its existence to the equator describe a small temperature range , less likely to be below 20 ° C and higher than 38 ° C. However , humidity levels are usually higher which led to a warmer climate .

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