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Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta Indonesia
Special Capital Region of Jakarta ( DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Raya ) is the capital city of Indonesia. It is the only city in Indonesia that have provincial-level status . Jakarta is located in the northwestern part of the island of Java . There was once known as Sunda Kelapa ( before 1527 ) , Jayakarta
( 1527-1619 ) , Batavia / Batauia , or Jaccatra ( 1619-1942 ) , and Djakarta ( 1942-1972 ) . Jakarta also has nicknames like J - Town , or more popular again The Big Durian because the city is considered a comparable New York City ( the Big Apple ) in Indonesia .

Jakarta has an area of approximately 661.52 km ² ( oceans : 6977.5 km ² ) , with a big population of 10,187,595 inhabitants ( 2011) . Metropolitan area of Jakarta ( Jabodetabek ), which has a population of approximately 28 million inhabitants , is the largest metropolis in South East Asia or second order in the world .

As the center of business , politics , and culture , Jakarta is home to the headquarters of state-owned enterprises , private companies , and foreign companies . The city is also the seat of government agencies and the ASEAN secretariat office . Jakarta is served by two airports , namely Soekarno - Hatta and Halim Airport , as well as a sea port in Tanjung Priok .

Jakarta is located in the north of the island of Java , at the mouth of the Ciliwung River , Jakarta Bay . Jakarta lies in the lowlands at an average elevation of 8 meters above sea level .  Just south of Jakarta is a mountainous area with high rainfall . Jakarta crossed by 13 rivers that it all comes down to the Bay of Jakarta . The most important is the Ciliwung River , which divides the city into two . East and south of Jakarta, bordering the province of West Java and the west of the border with the province of Banten .
Thousand Islands is an administrative district located in Jakarta Bay . About 105 islands located 45 km ( 28 miles) north of the city.

Jakarta has a hot air temperature and dry or tropical climates . Located in the western part of Indonesia, Jakarta experienced the peak of the rainy season in January and February with an average rainfall of 350 millimeters with an average temperature of 27 ° C. Rainfall between the months of January and early February are very high , that's when Jakarta was flooded every year , and the peak of the dry season in August with an average rainfall is 60 millimeters . In September and early October are the days that are very hot in Jakarta , temperatures can reach 40 ° C . The annual average temperature ranges between 25 ° -38 ° C ( 77 ° -100 ° F ) .

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