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Phuket is the largest island in Thailand . It is 48 miles long , 21 miles at its greatest , and in southern Thailand , in the Andaman Ocean coast - west bound , hanging from the southern tip of Phang Nga Region by some generous landscape but a short way .

Phuket dwells refreshing waters of the Andaman Sea on the Indian Ocean coast of Thailand 862 kilometers south of Bangkok . Phuket previously determined wealth from tin and elastic , and delighted in the rich history and beautiful . The island is located in one of the significant exchange program between India and China , and are regularly prescribed in the ship's log outside brokers .

Lately , however , tourism has been Phuket 's top producer , which has transformed the island into Thailand 's wealthiest regions . Anticipate that the cost will be higher place than the field . The west coast of Phuket was hit so by the Sea torrent Indies in December 2004 , but practically there is no confirmation of danger now fixed . Phuket prevalence incredible pleasure as a tourist destination . Most of the western drift vacation spot , with Phuket Town to the east and north of the runway .

Phuket is hot and sticky around the year . Summer is by and large recognized originate from Walk to soon Maybe . Throughout the hurricane season from mid- May to October , morning and afternoon was sunny and clear , but have a tendency to rain in the evening and the clarity of the water drops . Locals consider November to February the "cool " season , and the climate is really bad, substantially more than in the Inlet beach tourism base . This is tantamount to sunny Florida winter climate in temperature and rain storm strength : 25-33 deg C , flying fog , short and boom rainfall at night and nighttimes . Surfing off the west coast sunny imaginable .

Phuket is a mixture of native Thailand , Thai-Chinese , Malays and even the sea nomads . Most of the population in the provinces are Muslim . Outside the regular city , province people speak with a thick Southern vernacular challenging for Thais significantly different to get it . General economy of the city that has been blasted over the previous decades has driven many young people to a life that is comparable to the one in Bangkok . Out and out , the lifestyle of the Sino Thai - Phuket urban take after their partners in Bangkok .

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